SCAG: Regional Active Transportation Safety and Encouragement Campaign

To reduce pedestrian and bicycle collisions, while increasing levels of walking and biking in Southern CA, SCAG initiated a safety and encouragement campaign as part of its regional active transportation program. The objectives of the campaign were straightforward: 1) educate all roadway users on the rules of the road; 2) encourage more people to bike/walk through education; 3) increase public awareness and support for active transportation as a mode of transportation; and 4) build a regional partnership between transportation agencies, health departments, local agencies, non-profits, and private sector partners to cost effectively expand the reach of the campaign.


CPOG developed and implemented the Targeted Trainings and Toolkit development components of the comprehensive Regional Active Transportation Safety and Encouragement Campaign. Specifically, CPOG established and facilitated six user group panels to provide input on active transportation for inclusion in regional toolkits and trainings.


The user group panels included four key constituencies: elected officials, employers, community organizations, and transportation/public health professionals throughout the SCAG region – Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties. To ensure that local champions and influencers from each of the SCAG counties were tapped for the campaign, CPOG developed a comprehensive database of key stakeholders and implemented various options for participating in the panels given the geographic reach of the SCAG region.


CPOG also developed strategies, messaging, and materials for the panels; identified partners to serve as “train the trainer”; developed fact sheets, maps, “how to” guides, and presentation materials; and assisted with conducting workshops.